About This Site

ChristianJones.MD is the online curriculum vitae of Christian Jones, an acute care surgeon. Dr. Jones has experience throughout the academic and private general surgery landscape, with special interests in trauma, surgical critical care, emergency non-trauma surgery, and burn surgery.

This site contains information which Dr. Jones hopes will be mildly useful to some small portion of its audience, and concentrates his work here on those looking more for a professional résumé than for personal opinions or breaking news. His medical information, news, and advocacy site, Jones Surgery is intended to fill those other roles. If you have suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email Dr. Jones at on-call@christianjones.md.

Logo: Knife of Asclepius

The above logo is created by Christian Jones, MD, by modifying “scalpel” and “Caduceus” from the Open Clip Art Library and in the public domain. The new logo is similarly released into the public domain, with no rights reserved.

Of note, the Department of Surgery at The Ohio State University Medical Center and the University's College of Medicine use similar images on their seals; while no intention at duplication or homage is in place here, it's exciting to see convergent thought in action.


Any opinions expressed on this web site are fully the opinions of Christian Jones, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of any medical associations, academic institutions, or other entities having an affiliation with Dr. Jones, even if they are mentioned on this site by name.

This web site includes general information of a medical nature, but is not intended to be construed as advice regarding a particular patient. Though every effort has been made to assure the accuracy and completeness of all information included herein, omissions and errors do occur and must be assumed to be present. This site is not a substitute for the direct advice of a personal physician using the latest data and guidelines. The author or authors of information on this site must not be held responsible for adverse consequences resulting from such substitution or other inappropriate usage.